Wildland Firefighting course Huge success

Courtesy photo Pictured are graduates of this past semester’s Wildland Firefighting Course.

This past semester several EAC Gila Pueblo Campus students completed their Basic Wildland Firefighting course, which ran from October to November. This course offered an exciting and engaging experience for students. It was based on the actual Wildland Firefighting field and taught by instructor Barry Johnson who has over 20 years experience. Students received a real world glance at the career itself.

Upon completion of this course, students received three certificates; Wildland Firefighting Training, Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior, and Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service. These students didn’t just get the content information needed for a potential career in Wildland Fire, they also got hands on experience and the opportunity to work with people in the field. They gained a sense of the culture and the requirements of the job. Throughout the semester, students enjoyed several classes in the Pinal Mountains; they learned about weather, equipment, safety, proper procedures, chain of command, and even took on some physical training to better understand the rigorous physical demand of the work.

This class was a huge success and both EAC Gila Pueblo Campus and Captain Johnson are excited to offer this class again during the 2020 Fall Semester - after Captain Johnson completes yet another fire season of course! EAC Gila Pueblo Campus is always striving to improve course offerings to ensure they represent students’ interests. Summer and Fall registration begins March 23, schedule an appointment with an academic advisor today!


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