• The role of positive thinking in Parkinson’s Disease

    So, they tell you that you have Parkinson’s Disease and there’s nothing you can do about it, there’s no cure and you’ll just keep getting worse and worse as the symptoms progress. What do you do about it then, just give up and let it happen or do you become a positive advocate for yourself? If you’re not totally depressed at this moment, then you probably are a person who takes the bull by the horns instead of letting it throw you.

  • Globe Active Adult Center August 30

    Hello from the Globe Active Adult Center.

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Gila County Public Works asks residents to be considerate of county road workers

Gila County roads works year-round to maintain roadways throughout Gila County. Recently, after a few scary incidents, workers have been concerned for their safety on the job.

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Martin elected 2018 president of the Western Interstate Region (WIR)

Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin was elected by her peers as the 2018 president of the Western Interstate Region (WIR) at the annual conference on May 25.

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Neto Vasquez and Imagine at Train Depot Saturday

Neto Vasquez and Imagine will be the second of seven free summer concerts presented by the Miami Community Concert Association (GMCCA), the City of Globe and the Globe Downtown Association. The band will play at the Train Deport in Globe from 7-9 p.m. on Saturday, June 23.

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