Sally Louise Hatfield

Sally Louise Hatfield, (quilter extraordinaire!), age 68, passed away Sunday Oct. 3, 2021, at her residence in Globe, Arizona.

Sally was born in Toledo, Ohio to William and Marilyn (Arduser) Hatfield. She has two sisters, Jane (Bill) Farrand (Indiana) and Nancy Hatfield (Michigan). On her husband’s side of the family she has sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law Anne (Mike) Ware (Texas), and Jenny (Jim) Corbett (Texas), Joe (BJ) Burghard (Texas), Charles (Laurie Postlewate) Burghard (New York) and David (Stephanie) Burghard (Texas).

Sally always wanted a funny obituary. The only challenge is that she was the talented writer of the family and now, as she said, “If you are reading this, I am already gone!” So I will stumble through and try to write for her.

Sally was born, raised, grew up, went to school, worked, all of that stuff, but her real interest was quilting. She wasn’t necessarily “naturally” gifted or talented at quilting, but she worked very hard and

got to be very, very good at it. She started quilting just by making “My First Quilt,” as she called it, and

progressed from there. She made quilts. She joined the quilt guild. She made quilts. She went to quilt shows and took classes offered at those shows. She made quilts. She learned a lot about quilting. She made more quilts. She did hand quilting, machine quilting, applique quilts, pieced quilts, art quilts, traditional quilts, pattern quilts and original quilts. She made quilts. Sally eventually completed the course to become a National Quilting Association (NQA) certified judge and judged quilt shows all over the country. Oh, and I almost forgot, she bought fabric. And she made quilts. Beautiful, beautiful quilts.

As she made those beautiful quilts, she also made many beautiful friendships with many wonderful friends. It is those friends we would like to thank for all their help and support for Sally in her challenging battle with ALS. As her ALS progressed, Sally could no longer sew; her friends stood by her side and helped her finish several of her last quilt projects. They even made a “friendship quilt” for her last birthday, October 2020, in the middle of the pandemic! They each made a block and signed it for her. They put all the “friendship star” blocks together into a beautiful friendship quilt. And they even made pillowcases to match! What wonderful friends. Thank you to all of them.

With many family members and friends far away, they supported Sally with phone calls, Zoom calls and lots of old-fashioned snail mail cards. Thank you all for staying in touch! It meant a lot! Many local friends would come for window visits (because of Covid risks), spend time with Sally and talk on their cell phones, seeing each other through our front window. These visits meant so much! After the vaccine became available several friends could visit inside and each visit made Sally’s day. Many, many special

thanks to all of Sally’s special friends and family! We love you, Sally.

Should you desire, contributions in Sally Hatfield’s memory can be made to the ALS Association

Arizona Chapter. The address is 360 E. Coronado Rd, Ste. 140 Phoenix, AZ 85004. The phone number is 602-297-3800, and the website is (select the Arizona Chapter).

Celebration of Life will be held at a later date.

Assisting the family; Lamont Mortuary of Globe.


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